How to reload the model if the model path is replaced interactively

For a beginner, I changed the path in react, but I didn’t know how to specifically reload the model.Hope to get the guidance of the predecessors, thank you very much!

Hello :slight_smile: do you mind creating a repro in the Playground? I’m not sure how to help you else :frowning:
Here is a doc to learn how to link external assets: Using External Assets - Babylon.js Documentation

Thank you very much!What I need to do is actually switch between models in different events, but I don’t know how to switch because every time I switch, I need to upload a new model instead of replacing it.

What is the right approach?How do I update it?

You can dispose the material / textures / meshes before loading new ones.

A correction to your import parameters and a method of mesh switching (in this case the event is camera position. Replace with your event)

     ![{49FCE1D9-EF3B-4BC182751|401x100](upload://fkcH6Ni3U6u53QYSBZDWXZCOVLD.jpeg) Thank you very much, but I still have some questions.Where I drew the red line, can I loop the same type of model, like the same name?There are some models in the scene, and I don't want to delete them all.

“scene.getMeshByName” It didn’t seem to work

  Thank you very much for your help
     Thank you very much for your clarification