Blender 3.0 and Geometry Nodes : A Simple World for @roland

@roland : Your question on another thread, a few days ago, got me thinking so here is a quick simple effort:

A Simple MineCraft World

Just an adapted piece of Blender Geometry Node code from Blender 3.0. See Image below, Note the right most node in the black frame it has a “!” in a white triangle - it is deprecated and will begone in “Blender 4.0”. Have not found a work around yet ! :thinking: The original code written in Blender 3.0 Alpha or earlier.

It is 16x16 terrain all instances. The two objects to the side are used to make those instances. There is one additional mesh the Camera “target” buried in the meshes… so 259 meshes in total.

Took me almost as long to create the two textures - total size < 2.5Kb

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:

Blender Geometry Node Code


Hi @gryff! Thank you very much! I appreciate this a lot!

This technique makes me curious. The cool stuff would be if we could query the geometry formula created in Blender on demand and calculate the output with any parameters anytime.

@roland : Not sure what you mean by " query the geometry formula" but the nodes set up allows you to create inputs that are visible in the modifier panel (see image below : A values in Input and Modifier tab). You just drag the value you want to be able to alter easily back to the “Geometry Input” panel (the doit where the arrow is), name it appropriately and you can vary parameter vales quite easily.

If you are using a collection of geometries - then add or subtract geometries from that Collection.

As you can see, I’m still struggling with this “Legacy Node” issue. Not sure if it is a problem with Blender 3.0Beta, or my clutzy use of the Geometry Node Editor.

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile:

Modifier Inputs

Hey @gryff!
Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!
I meant to programmatically set the inputs and get the output. Of course from BabylonJS :joy: not from the Python API. But it’s not possible,I know, but it would be awesome.

@roland : you said : " But it’s not possible,I know, but it would be awesome."

Well from me, a crap coder, how about this :

A little PG

I would try to get the origins for all the pieces at the bottom of the boxes - so that they line up.

And of course, I would bring in the subdivided plane and boxes with textures from Blender. And delete the plane once I had finished with it.

Ohh, and instead of using instances, you could use “Thin Instances”

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile:

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