Blender Only 1 Object Have Animation

This is weird, In my blender I have 2 objects. Both of them have animation 240 frame with only changing location and rotation. After exported to BabylonJS, only 1 object animate, the other one just stay still. Is this bug?


Only the laptop animates, the phone is stay still.

Hey @Alvin_Stefanus

The animations for both the phone and the laptop come in successfully into Babylon. They are in the scene as evident in the inspector:





I’m seeing a rotation and translation animation on both objects. Is this what you’re expecting to see?

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@PirateJC I see, but in the PG it is not auto play when loaded, it auto plays only the laptop. Should I play the animation manually?

Hey @Alvin_Stefanus. On my machine I see the laptop animations playing automatically when loading the playground.

I don’t understand why it would be different on different machines. But yes, you should absolutely try playing them manually to see if that solves your problem.