Unable to animate multiple objects at once

I have created a small solar farm model in Blender, that I’ve imported into Babylon. The blades each have an animation to rotate the blades by 360 degrees over the period of 2 seconds. The animation groups are listing correctly in the inspector, but I can only ever get one animation group to play at a given time.

PG: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#Z14GRH#7

The model itself is mostly made up of instances of the front row, furthest left mesh. The second in from the left was created as a duplicate to see if the instancing was causing the issues, it doesn’t appear that it is.

All help appreciated


I just looped through all available animations and play
from loaded mesh:

from all scene:

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wow - it really is that simple, that’s 4 hours this morning that I’m not getting back! Thank you very much

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