Blender to Sandbox export camera rotation problem

I’m exporting simple scene with 1 mesh and camera to .babylon file.
View from Blender camera is rotated in different way than in sandbox

I’m using:
Blender version: 2.93.0 with Exporter version 2.93.4
latest from GitHub - BabylonJS/BlenderExporter: Exports From Blender to Babylon.JS in JSON / .babylon format

now can I get same rotation of camera in Blender and Sandbox?
Thank You for help :slight_smile:

Probably going to depend on the camera type being exported as. Was always tricky to arcrotate camera to match up, but you can easily adjust. What type are you exporting as?

from .babylon file json “type”: “UniversalCamera”
I experimented with other camera types but I was not able to get desired view from camera

How I can easily adjust?

I looked at this, this morning for a while, but no easy changes. This was put in before me, and then edited by someone else later to handle being in quaternion mode.

The one thing I did was the arc rotate camera export, which basically side steps angles, if that type of camera is acceptable, it seems to work. If so, change to arc camera in the exporter section of Camera data properties. Then add a Track To modifier, selecting the target. This is only used by the exporter to get the mesh. All the other settings are not consulted by the exporter, so unless you actually want to do this in Blender, I do not think changing them make any difference.


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