Blurry textures in android (how to fix without using request desktop site)

Textures are blurry in android:

When i tried to request desktop site, it looks fixed but i cannot do that for a cordova app.

Is there a way to set high quality for mobile, manually and not let the framework detect the user agent?

Screen recorder captures:

Hi nayrx,

Welcome to Babylon! Really interesting problem. It might be compression artifacts tricking me, but it looks like the edges are blurry too, not just the textures, as though the scene were being rendered at a lower resolution and upscaled instead of being rendered at the correct resolution in the first place. Can you use logs (or some other mechanism) to confirm whether the rendering resolutions in the two scenarios are actually the same?

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Hi syntheticmagus,

Thanks for the hint about rendering resolutions. I followed your advice, it turns out that the client size is being set to very low resolution because of this meta tag:

I was testing it on a low end android device. Removing that tag fixes it for me.