Boids extension

Hello all, I just released the initial version of a boids extension for Babylon. It’s part of a larger project under development that I’ll post once the first version is ready. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome; as we use it in our project the features and API might change a bit.

Sharks, so many sharks:

Debug helpers turned on to see the sphere of influence:

Check the basic demo or play with sharks.


Hahaha love it!!!

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This is amazing!!
I am actually gonna give it a try!

Here is another one using Solid Particle System:

Replace polyhedra with Skull Mesh and you get Skull Boid System

Limitations when using Model:

  • With more than 10 Skull Mesh Particles slows down Boid system drastically
  • Works only with .babylon file format.

Nice to see other approaches. I tried something that was simple, easy to extend and that would have good performance. I imagined SPS would have a better performance, though, and handle much more than 10 instances.