Bone.position not working in imported GLB file

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First of all, thank you for this awesome community. This is my first question and let me know if you need additional information regarding the bug so that I can post it here.

I exported a basic cube with bones from Blender into the GLB format and imported it using the ImportMesh function. In the onSuccess callback, I am not able to set the position of the bone using bone.position. The bone.position works when I put the code in the runRenderLoop method.

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While searching for solutions I found that it works using the .babylon format. I used the Blender Babylon exporter to export the same cube with bones and it works as expected. Using the .babylon file I don’t need to set it constantly in the runRenderLoop function. I can set the bone position once and it gets applied.

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I am not sure why there is 2 different behaviours for the same file. I don’t want to set the bone position in the runRenderLoop method as this will result in memory issues for the final project which I am working on as it has a lot of modules and moving parts.

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Because of specificities of the gltf/glb format, the bones of a skeleton must be manipulated through the transform nodes corresponding to those bones and not directly through the bones themselves when the skeleton is loaded from a gltf/glb file.

Manipulate the bone hierarchy from here:
and not from here:

Here’s a working PG:


Works like a charm. Thank you :raised_hands: