BoundingBoxGizmo is missing X, Y, and Z scaling ability

Hi all! I’m wanting to implement the BoundingBoxGizmo into my system particularly to allow users to manipulate the scale of the object. I like how BoundingBoxGizmo handles this, letting you scale in one direction as opposed to the ScaleGizmo which scales in two directions on an axis.

I’m able to get a working demo of what I want easily here, using the GizmoManager:

Notably, I’m able to scale the object on the X, Y, and Z axis using the handles.

I’m seeing some odd behavior in my actual implementation, though, which is using the same code to initialize the GizmoManager. In my implementation, the handles for resizing on the X, Y, and Z axis are missing:

I do notice in the playground if I decrease the version from latest (anything lower than 4.2.0-alpha.0) this functionality goes away so it does appear to be new. I’ve upgraded @babylonjs/core in my codebase to v4.2.0-alpha.0 and have confirmed that it is the version that’s installed, and still no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This functionality was added just a few days ago - 1 dimension axis scale for boundingbox gizmo · BabylonJS/Babylon.js@8ca8e9b · GitHub , so this is the reason you can’t see it in previous versions :slight_smile:


Ah, I see. That’s pretty lucky then, it’s exactly what I was wanting. I suppose I’ll wait a bit for a release to be made, or attempt to use the code in the master branch. Thank you for your help! has the latest (stable) changes

Nice, I’m using Babylon through NPM though, so that won’t quite work.

so you can use the preview release instead of the stable release. as 4.1 was just released, it will take time until we will have 4.2 stable

4.2.0-alpha.0 was released - @babylonjs/core - npm

4.2.0-alpha.0 was released 8 days ago so I’m assuming it doesn’t include the new bounding box code, right? Is there any prediction on when we might expect a 4.2.0-alpha.1?

good question! this will happen in the very near future. @sebavan - are we deploying alpha.1 soon?

I an thinking to do it on Monday if that fits ? just waiting to one PR to be merged in before.

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Awesome, thank you both for the quick and helpful responses! Love the library! :smile:

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