BoundingBoxGizmo missing onDragEndObservable?

Hello everyone,
shouldn’t BoundingBoxGizmo have something like onDragEndObservable? I need to update the position of dragged mesh which is inside of gizmo… Or is there any decent workaround for this?

Pinging @Cedric

Hi @Symlis

You have onScaleBoxDragEndObservable and onRotationSphereDragEndObservable for the rotation part. Let me know if you need help setting it up :slight_smile:

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Hi guys, thank you for you answers!
@Cedric I have implemented onScaleBoxDragEndObservable and onRotationSphereDragEndObservable in my project but it’s not enough. I need to have infromation about the absolute position of the box when it’s stop being moved. Gizmo can be moved by

  1. clicking on gizmo and move the mouse,
  2. scaling,
  3. rotation.

I’m still missing the “1” method :smiley:

I’m not sure to understand. Did you also add a PositionGizmo ?
Can you share a PG?

Yes, I used position gizmo too, it works well on it. I just need onDragEndObservable on BoundingBoxGizmo

here’s the playground:
I’m talking about 50-53 lines

You have to use the positionGizmo for adding the behavior, not the boundingbox one.


omg, why I didn’t did that on sixDofDragBehavior? Thank you!