Gizmos onDragObservable - outdated docs

Hey Community

I’ve been trying to integrate gizmos for my project, I needed to use the onDragObservable as mentioned in the docs and to my surprise it appears that it’s no longer available. Is there a way to track the onDrag behaviour ?

if so, we need to update the docs then

cc @Cedric

Indeed, it should work like the documentation

There is a workaround : Babylon.js Playground

I’ll fix it this week.


Thanks @Cedric !

and yes I’m currently using the onDragObservable on each axis (which is such a pain to configure each axis on every gizmo type :stuck_out_tongue: )

looking forward for your fix :grin:

I’ve spent more time reading the doc. Actually, it’s right. the onDragObservable is for axis drag and scale gizmo.
This said, I’ve added the observable on position/rotation/scale gizmos to be consistent


awesome ! Thanks @Cedric