Broken 101 link

Just a broken link ( on Environment - Babylon.js Documentation

“How To” custom meshes (Create Custom Meshes - Babylon.js Documentation) also is broken at ‘Normals’ ( and ‘material’ (

Plus the image at the top is broken.

fancy doing a PR?

Sure I’ll figure it out later, might find more ;p

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Help is appreciated :smiley:

Don’t know if you’re comfortable with github. In case your not, this can help : Improve Documentation - Babylon.js Documentation , and if something is missing or not clear on this page tell me!

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Do yah deal in typescript/es6/web asm for various tasks? Why/why not? I’m mostly been using es5 exclusively.

If I’m not mistaken 4.0.0 is an es6 rework?

Just wondering because I was wanting to run a map function

4.0 is both es5 and es6:slight_smile:
you can use es6 and then use babel to convert back to es5 as well

Alright yeah ive been using Babel to backport other libraries for stale browser support. It always surprises me how well it works never had an issue.

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