Bug in arc rotate camera firefox 88 windows

In 4.2, i cannot zoom in firefox 88 on windows if i specify a wheelDeltaPercentage. Babylon.js Playground. On chrome and edge it appears to be fine. It also appears to be fine in babylon 5.0. We cannot upgrade to 5.0 just yet, was wondering if there is a temporary workaround in the meantime, or if i should just detect windows firefox and specify a scaled wheel delta percentage?

  • @sebavan to see if he has any thoughts.

There are unfortunately no easy workaround for this one, as the fixes are pretty deep in the code :frowning:

No worries, thanks! we’ll just browser check for now and upgrade to 5.0.0 when it releases!

Ohhhh this will be in a rather long term timeframe, may I ask why not relying on the preview release ? this would also interest @thomlucc.