Bug (maybe) with importing StandardRenderingPipeline in typescript

example of code:

import { StandardRenderingPipeline } from '@babylonjs/core/PostProcesses/RenderPipeline/Pipelines/standardRenderingPipeline';

new StandardRenderingPipeline('standard', scene, 1.0, null, [camera]);

throws error TypeError: Cannot read property 'addPipeline' of undefined

but if change import to import { StandardRenderingPipeline } from '@babylonjs/core/PostProcesses';
than it works fine.

But as i understood for better tree-shaking i must use firt kind of import. Is it right? What I do wrong?

pinging @sebavan as this should not happen (I guess but I may be wrong)

I ll fix it ASAP with Sound and es6 modules

PR is up Fix ES6 import issues by sebavan · Pull Request #6639 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub it will be in the next npm release.