Build error with draco version 6.22.0

Hello BabylonJS team,

We have an issue when using version 6.22.0, when we build the code we have an error popping from the file dracoCompression. Here is the compiled code where the variable “u” is not defined causing a bug.

I tried to remove most of our parameters from tsconfig file but nothing has changed.
We use the @craco package to build our app which uses Webpack but hard to say why it wouldn’t work with their config parameters.

It must be linked to these changes made in September by @bghgary
I see that there is another topic close to this issue.

Thanks for taking it a look, tell me how I can help you figure that out!

does it fail with newer version of babylon? can you share a simple reproduction?

The u in that code is the Draco decoder module from WASM. If that’s missing, everything will be broken. I don’t know how it’s possible to get into this state, so a repro will definitely be needed.

Hello @RaananW and @bghgary,

I confirm that the problem is still there with version 6.29.0
@bghgary I came to the same conclusion but weird that the build is doing that since the last changes.

I will continue to dig in and try to reproduce it in a simple repo to share with you.

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A change was made to the way URLs are consumed, if configured differently than the default URL from our CDN. did you change the URL to be something else?

Nope I changed nothing on this end :grimacing: