Building recast-detour

Your recast-detour code is great. I have some questions about building it.

  1. Which version of Emscripten do you use? Latest doesn’t work e.g. ‘tools.shared’ has no attribute ‘Building’.

  2. Do you have any pointers on how to migrate your python script to the latest Emscripten?

  3. Is there any particular reason the recastnavigation commit is from 2019?

@Cedric is coming back next week and will be able to answer your questions about recast :slight_smile:

Thanks, much appreciated.

Hi @Robert_Myers

RecastJS is built with emscripten (1.38.48). I didn’t find time (yet) to update to latest emscripten. Same for latest recast commits. RecastNavigation is not updated that much often and everything works fine. So no update needed.

I’ll find some time this week to try to update everything.


Here is the PR with prebuilt recast js


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