Built New Maze - 97

Today another new Maze 97

Good suggestions.
I was thinking about elevator animations.
Multi players over network (multi camera-switch).

I did everything myself.
Nejc solve me some hard coding things. Now I am alone.
I have another full time IT job and dont have a lot of time.
(android, dotnet core, java, nodejs, Angular…and old legacy…)

I hate coding alone. I enjoy to code with multiple developers. I missing debating new ideas new playgrounds. And pushing each other.
Now I am pushing myself with mazes

If administrator can re-arrange my posts in one topic…
would be happy

I dont know if I can re-arrange all previous-post myself

Hi @Ian_Sheehan , Hope you are well despite of your two jobs;)

You remember this/your post and video, right?

l’m inline with the above and would myself have other ideas (i.e. create ice and lava spots, the ball would freeze or melt on the spot - or you would need to freeze the ball first to cross the lava; else the ball would become smaller or bigger, softer or harder/heavier, etc… the pass would tighten, etc…, else make an editor to create maze; Create cells and levels (understand cells in height) to place the structures/prefabs…) and lots of others. And I’m sure many people in this forum would have tons of ideas and I’m also pretty sure some would be willing to contribute, in case.

I think I told you already before the last weekend. Now, it’s friday again and (hopefully) you have another 2 days to rest from your daily duties. Instead of building up to level 100, you should take some time to think of what you want to make of your project/hobby. Right now, what you are missing, in essence, is #project management and #structure. Sometimes, an idea becomes an opportunity and sometimes and opportunity becomes a new job, a new playground or a new resource. Just think of it…
My opinion: The project is potentially packed with ‘opportunities’. Question is: What will you make of’em…

Just got another idea I quickly wanted to share. I think it could be cool/fun and (in case) help ‘engage’ (contributors and users) working/contributing to your project (and/or experience it).

You could build on the idea of including maze levels tributes to some great games or movies (like a maze-go-game;) of some sort, i.e. with the Lara Croft maze, the SW maze, the Hitman maze, or even like the PacMan maze or other vintage maze, manga etc…
In terms of game design too, you can have a sphere that is just a sphere or a ball, a perfect sphere with a fixed mass, nothing organic or emotional. And/or you can make the sphere a representation of the player, an avatar, a sphere with a sense of life, of design, of organic, a sphere you can form some sort of emotional bond with…. And you can alternate depending on level/maze (or not).

I guess there must be nearly an infinite number of things you can think of when using a sphere, a cube or a plane, a mass and a gravity.
It’s in essence the gameplay of our life on earth; it somehow is, isn’t it?
So many, just so many opportunities. A selection, a scope and an objective would still need to be defined… Cya, and good thinking :thinking:

There could be too portal points to loade another special levels and Back again.

Network of level conections.

(Look… the main problem is, it is hard to work sline (and after Job work when you are tired…)

(maybe I should someday reslese code and mazes to git for better contribution/extension…