Perplexus 84 - New Maze - in Collections


thank you all
my small contribution

Ah sweet! Super Fun!!!

Is there a link we where we can try it out?

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You can see url address in video browser.

Or type “Perplexus Shadow Open” in Google

I can feel the inspiration of the ‘marble castle’ demo. A pillar of the BJS demos. One of those that convinced me to explore BJS further (really:)
I luv it. Let’s build on that… :smiley:

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makes me happy for inspiration
The Switch Ball in my favorite too.

you may need to develop concept of building blocks which you will assemble as a puzzle


nice sources. #simplicity reimagined. How much fun can you have with just a sphere and a path? :smiley:

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Do you have url links to see examples?

I’m not sure I got your question.
Is it related to…?

May be you could rephrase your question for me/us?