Button3D with XR Hands

A total babylon.js beginner question:
In the Button3D API doc, there are no observables for XR Hands collisions with the button. Is my understanding correct? Or is there an existing support for XR Hands but I missed it?

cc @RaananW our XR mastermind

I have my own 3D GUI and subclassed BABYLON.WebXRHandTracking, but I thought the 3D buttons in the repo involved action managers not collision. If you wish to use touch to activate action, I think you can as I stole a little from the repo to implement that part.

Not sure why you need to know proximity.

To get near interaction working (i.e. hands pressing the button) you will need to enable this feature:

Once enabled, clicking the button should work as expected :slight_smile:


Hello just checking in, was your question answered? @jsguru