Interact with the UI with augmented reality

Hello everyone ,

I’m trying to use augmented reality with BabylonJs and i want to know if BabylonJs can support (very well) the augmented reality and when will be possible interact with the UI ( press the buttons in AR) .

Thanks for help :)))

Have you done a search for augmented reality in this forum. This will give you some idea of the state of play.

yes of course i did a search and some discussion in this forum , but i want to know if it’s will be possible soon to interact with the UI ( press the buttons in AR).

What AR tech are you refering to ? BabylonAR or WebXR ?

I ll ping both @syntheticmagus and @RaananW just in case, but if you have issues pressing a button, it might be the WebXR one.

I am pretty sure they ll update you soon right after the thanksgiving holiday.

I’m working with AR using WebXR.
thanks :))

So definitely a mission for @RaananW :slight_smile:

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As I wrote in a different thread, we are working on it.
You can follow this issue to see when it is ready - WebXR AR support, including existing features · Issue #7226 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

Cheers! :slight_smile: