Buttons for changing camera position


I’m looking to add a few buttons to change the position of the camera in my model to move from one building for example to another building by using buttons rather than clicking on an object. I’ve started to work on the code but I can’t figure out how to set a position properly and have a nice animation moving to the new camera. Can someone help please:

One way is to use inertialPanningX and inertialPanningY to smoothly move along the axis and use framing behavior to move back to the starting mesh, like below for example. :slight_smile:

Brill, thank you so much :slight_smile:

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I just need to figure out how this code interacts with HTML to get something like Babylon.js - GUI demo
as I realise it’s not mobile responsive. I’ve had a look at the source code so I’ll need to work it out somehow.