Change Camera Position

Hi everyone, I’m new to babylonJS.

I have some problems that need your help. First of all, I apologize for some spelling/syntax errors in my “English”.

I start :laughing:
I would like to move the camera by clicking on a mesh (or other if you have a more perfect idea) and have it rotate around the mesh with ArcCamera. And also I’ve created GUI buttons that allow you to access the mesh in question when you click on it.
Here are the examples I’m trying to do:

So here’s what I have, to manage the movement of the camera at the position of the mesh clicked with:


  • My GUI buttons don’t work!?? :disappointed_relieved: , just clicks directly on my spheres work.

  • After clicking on my sphere, I want to see all the objects around it but after some tests we can see that the camera is no longer fixed on our sphere (I don’t want the camera to get the position of the clicked mesh and that it is an ArcCamera).

  • If we click on the farthest sphere (the sphere1), we can no longer click on the other spheres, I think that since our sphere1 is the biggest, we “go inside” and we no longer have access to the other meshes.

I hope that I have put enough details and that I have respected the rules of the forum!!
Thank you for your help :smile:

Hey and welcome

so let’s start by the beginning, you GUI button is only registering the action but not starting it.

So I did a quick fix for that:

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Thanks to you, it works perfectly!! :smiley: