C+ Classic Billard revival on Babylon.js

Hello, my company produced this PC game 20 years ago: Canal+ Classic Billard sur PC - jeuxvideo.com

Today, I have a revival plan of our Windows 98 billiard simulator (who’s still one of the best in the numerous ones created since then) with Babylon.js.

Here is how the project is looking at this step:
(a pool version also exists but Discourse does not allow me to post a second link :slight_smile: )

As you can see, still quite some work to improve rendering, optimize performances and also, playability. That’s why I’m posting here this project to know if one Babylon expert would be interested to help us to reach the next step. The developer involved on it is a “beginner” on Babylonjs and he’s currently very busy with other projects so we need help to move on… Someone here interested?

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Hi @Kozoom,

I found some other forum users that seem to have some experience with billiard/snooker like games.

See the posts:

And from the Community Demos (https://www.babylonjs.com/community/) this one:

I don’t know if they want and are able (time etc.) to help you out but perhaps you can ask them directly as you share an interest…
2 people working together on same project can build and deploy more than 1 person alone on a similar project, right :slight_smile:


I feel like I played the original as a kid.

Thanks QuintusHegie, I think we are pretty fine with physics at this step. Textures and lighting must be improved to make it more realistic. And you’re right, our plan is not to split the developer but to complete the team.

This is pretty goood!!!

Pinging @PirateJC