Call custom function on autoRotationBehavior start?

I use the “autoRotationBehavior” on an ArcRotateCamera. Is there a way to trigger a custom event or to call a custom function, when autrotate starts by the end of the idle time?
(Or do i have to create an own setTimeout, with the same idle time?)

You may use idleRotationWaitTime - Babylon.js docs - which sets the time (milliseconds) to wait after user interaction before the camera starts rotating.
Or, depending on your use case, just set up your own Timeout as needed.


I’m not sure idleRotationWaitTime will work because the auto rotation can be interrupted by user interaction. Adding this event seems like it can be useful. Contributions welcome! :slight_smile:

BTW, what do you want to do with this event?

I will start the autorotation of the camera (together with some other functions) with my own timer. Thanks for your help!

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