Camera animation from Blender Path is going inverse direction

Hi! im importing an scene with a sphere following a path from blender, and im targeting the camera to the sphere animation but the animations is going in opposite x direction.

Im trying some suggestion seen here that use rotationQuaternion like this:

camera.position.x = -camera.position.x; camera.rotationQuaternion.y = -camera.rotationQuaternion.y;

but its giving me an error: can’t access property “y”, camera.rotationQuaternion is undefined

I let the reproduction here:

thanks in advance

You are using an arcRotateCamera which is driven by alpha and beta not by rotation.

Hi @sebavan ! thanks for your response!
i change the camera but still have this problem, the camera moves on inverse direction


adding @bghgary

I haven’t gotten a chance to look at this yet. If someone else wants to try, please feel free. :slight_smile:

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Maybe using right handed system is what you look for?



Yup, very likely to be that if you ask me. Because you created in blender, the path and the meshes are automagically converted from the right handed system to the BJS default. But the camera isn’t. Else, if you don’t want to use the right handed system for your entire scene, I guess the easiest would be to simply invert your path in blender. Or, as per your attempt above, you could create a camera with inverted axis (providing you select for the correct type of camera).


Thank you very much, For the moment it solves my problem although I still don’t know what other implications there are for the rest of the scene. I had been exploring with the rotation quaternion, but hadn’t seen anything mentioned about the useRightHandedSystem function.

Thanks a lot

Thanks, i will explore this option in blender too