Camera can not zoom close enough to small objects

So i have a very small modell of a cube (10x10mm).
I load it into my scene and it does load fine, but because it’s very small you have to zoom in pretty much to even see it at first, but at some point it just disappears and then you are at the other side, but way to early. What causes this behavior? Any parameters i can set to solve this? Can that parameter cause problems with big objects in reverse?

Here my Playgriund: Babylon.js Playground

Camera Zoom | Babylon.js Playground (
minZ: Adjust the minimum near section, noting that values that are too small may cause rendering problems
lowerRadiusLimit:Limit the minimum camera radius. Note! When zoomToMouseLocation is true, if lowerRadiusLimit is set to 0, the scroll wheel will expire after the camera radius reaches 0.
Camera Zoom | Babylon.js Playground ( @Evgeni_Popov Probably know what’s going on.
The camera entry section crops objects that are smaller than the near section.
When radius is negative, the picture is reversed.