Camera for space travel simulator

Hi everyone, I need help and I have prepared a playground that shows where I have arrived.

I would like to make a camera that follows the player mesh so that the camera is always fixed on the back of the mesh, whether the mesh goes forward, rotates vertically up and down, or rotates horizontally left and right.

In short, I would like to obtain that whatever movement the mesh makes, the camera remains blocked by observing the object always from the same point and at the same distance.

I also found something in the forum but the answers are not very clear for me who am new on babylon.
I found a playground that is very close to what I have to do, but it does not perform the vertical maneuver, moreover it is all set with gravity while in mine there is no gravity and the object must go straight without friction in space …

I have done various tests, I have put mesh player as parent, I have also tried FlyCamera but I do not come to the head. Is there someone who can help me?

Here is my playground

Hi Guys, I’m glad I solved it by myself! I found that if you put Follow Camera with parent the player mesh and point the camera on the player, as soon as you move the player the camera always moves following it in every movement … perfect! Now the playground is updated and there is a solution for others who have the problem

Here is my new playground with solution

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