Camera moving slow/stucked when using ActionManager

I have a glb model with 84 meshes, and I set actionManager on each mesh in order to implement a feature that when click each mesh, show a modal with some information of the mesh such as name.

The problem is, I found that, when I try to move the camera using my mouse, and everytime my cursor moving across the model, the camera moving got very slow and sometimes stuck for several seconds.

Here is my pg: camera moving stucked when setting actionManager | Babylon.js Playground (

I am using some models downloaded from sketchfab, not my 84-meshes one, but still, ship.glb has the stucking problem, and you can find that when your mouse move above the ship deck, the frame rate showed bottom right dropped a lot. (plane.glb and smallShip.glb runs ok.)

Is there any way to solve this problem or did I miss any options?
I also found that scene.onPointerPick does not have this problem, but the cursor want change to pointer when hovering a mesh.
Tks for your time.


You can use scene.skipPointerMovePicking so it doesn’t try to pick while the pointer is moving, only on click.

Tks for your reply,
I tried scene.skipPointerMovePicking,
However, when I hover my mouse over a certain mesh, the mouse cursor does not change to a pointer shape, right?

Yep, because in that case it’s not picking anymore when just moving so it doesn’t know it’s over an object