Camera Rotation Center Offsetting on mobile devices after zooming

I was working on that scene in the PG, then i transferred it locally to publish it.

Here is the published scene : pure color mandala

Displaying it on PC works fine in PG and published.

When I view it on a mobile device, then I have a wicked behavior.
In the scene you can zoom through the object, so the camera flips I guess around the target.
Doing that on the mobile, it puts the camera target/center off, so that the camera is no longer rotating around the center of the scene/object.

This behavior doesnt appear on a PC. I think I also observed it on a Macbook (not sure, have to proof that).
I have a slight feeling (as it was on a macbook with touch pad, that the touchinput might cause that???
Will check i on my table as well… Yes I can confirm on my Surface it also gets out of wack after some fiddeling around.
So it seems that there is some difference between the mousewheel and the zoom function on a touch device for the camera zoom?


It might help to play with these camera attributes:

If not, there seems to be a similar discussion here:

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cc @PolygonalSun too for attention

So just to clarify what’s going on here, when you use the pinch gesture on your phone/touch device, the camera will zoom in but also pan the camera (changing the target) at the same time because of the multiTouchPanAndZoom flag (its default value is true). If you don’t need panning for your scene, you could just disable the panning like this:

const camera = // Your camera object
// ...
const pointers = camera.inputs.attached.pointers;
pointers.multiTouchPanning = false;
pointers.multiTouchPanAndZoom = false;

With this, you’ll just zoom when performing a two finger gesture. If you still want panning, you could just disable multiTouchPanAndZoom so that they’re done with separate gestures.


ahhh. Very good to know. Thanks for the detailled answer!

All the best.

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