Hi guys,

I have question regarding using camera behaviors. In playground example you can see that on button “start rotation” and “stop rotation” for the first time camera rotation and bouncing is enabled.

When second time start rotation is clicked the bouncing behavior does not work. I assume that the animation is already done. I can see in the documentation there is an init() method but not sure what is correct way of using it.

Long story short I want to have bouncing effect every time I click on “start rotation” button.

Thanks in advance!

The bouncing behavior does work for me each time I click on the “start” button, even if I clicked on “stop” in-between. Tested in Chrome and Firefox (latest versions), on Windows 11.

Which version of Babylon are you using?

Hi Evgeni, I am using v6.19.1 but the test was made on the playgorund…

If someone has same problem, this fix works for me:

It is kind of expected it would automatically work only once as it is based on radius and after the first time it bounces, you will be at radius so no bounce needed anymore.

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