Camera Zoom out plane

There is a camera setting. Exactly what I wanted, but there is a problem. It goes very far when I zoom out of the plane. I don’t want the camera to go away when zooming out of the plane.
Can you help me?

Map-like controls for ArcRotate camera. | Babylon.js Playground (

Hi farukcelim,

If you’re asking how to limit the maximum “zoom out” level for the camera, should should just be able to change the upperRadiusLimit on line 30 to a smaller value to prevent the camera from backing up too far. If instead you’re asking how to achieve this “map” effect without having the camera move forward and backward at all, the best way to do that would be to use an orthographic camera and simply change its render size as the mouse wheel rotates. (In fact, I’d probably recommend switching to an orthographic camera anyway; the current code is creating an ArcRotateCamera but then completely replacing its controls, so I’m not sure what benefit the ArcRotateCamera is providing.) Hope this helps, and best of luck!

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Hello @farukcelim just checking in, was your question answered?