Can a mesh occlude itself?


I have a large mesh that has a lot of sub meshes. I’m wondering if there is any way to have the mesh occlude other parts of itself.

It is like a big hallway so the player will always be inside of it.

Flying through a few of your rooms using the camera, it appears that we’re properly sorting and occluding your mesh’s faces:

However, in my experience, your mileage may vary with transparent/translucent geometry.

How can you tell that they are being occluded correctly?

I’m not entirely sure, but this is more of a gut check than 100% certainty. looking from the outside i can see the individual room geometry (due to backface culling), but flying through the rooms I don’t xray and see other room geomerty, and the framerate improved due to occlusion culling reducing the geometry that we need to draw.

Since everything is flat, its hard to tell if the geometry is 100% correct, but there’s no obvious tells here for me.

Ah. ok. for me too I do get an fps increase when inside. Now I just hafta include physics impostors without any slowdowns.

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