Can Babylon.js compile to... Screensavers?

I see a GitHub example mentioned on this form post that reports to be for a “screensaver jam”. Is there some way we can compile BJS code to screensavers??

That will certainly keep me going and entertain me and my friends until I can make less derpy games!

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I’ve been having similar thoughts, but instead of screensavers, I’ve been picturing using the NME to create pixel shaders for Windows Terminal

Scott Hanselman’s uber-retro terminal shaders make me want to boot up Fallout for the PIP-boy :smiley:

But “deltakoshing” is way more fun and interactive than “googling”. Besides I don’t see Google supporting badass opensource HTML5 game engines :smiley:

(sent from Gmail :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:)


You’re right. My thinking as a programmer and problem solver is more focused on efficiency than on social… I am working on being more human! :smiley:

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