Request - JS13k Bite Size Tutorials

The js13k game jam is coming up soon, and babylonjs is a category in it. Now would be a great time to get some simple tutorials up for those

VR Interactions (grabbing, translating, rotating)
Using a canvas as a texture in a nme shader
Simple water shader (with a texture from a canvas or dynamic)
Simple plastic shader
Simple liquid/bottle shader

I’ve done a little of the first item, and would love to know how to do the others. I’ll post whichever I end up making during the jam.


@PirateJC - something for you :slight_smile:

@BoldBigflank Awesome!

You can always check out our Youtube channel. There’s a LOT of great content on there to help people get started!

Love the fact that you’re making some more tutorial material specifically for js13k game jam as well!