Can i import my mesh to playground? and how

is it possible to load my mesh created in 3d application and test it with typescript?

Hey @Giorgi_Datunashvili

Yes absolutely!

Here’s a helpful doc on this topic:

Using External Assets - Babylon.js Documentation

Also, here’s a video tutorial on the subject as well!!!

Hey @PirateJC thanks for comment but i am bit confused, in the video he is using some kind of free library of models but i want to import mine, im trying to do it with google drive am i going right direction?

i’m trying it like this, second string is folders shareable link, second one is mesh name, and does the playground give some errors or something?

The video does talk about our meshes library, however the principles in apply to content being pulled from anywhere. So you should be able to use that video and the documentation to access your files from any place.

I’m not sure if google drive will throw CORS errors. Can you check your browser console to see if there are any warnings/errors?

Or better yet, can you share the playground?

did it with github, i have trouble with angular SPA, do you have docs for that to merge babylon with angular?
i’m getting ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property ‘scenes’ of null so far.
just started using this library really love it :blush:

Glad you’re enjoying it.

I haven’t combined the two myself, but maybe these will help:

Thanks @PirateJC, i will check it out.

Never heard of a radioactive grenade before! :slight_smile:

Babylon and angular should be a rather straight-forward combination, I have a feeling that you tried the downloaded code from the playground and pasted it there. You should separate the engine creation (could be in a service singleton) and the canvas creation (should not update by angular). The render loop is a tough call, but I would put it in the singleton next to the engine.

This is my example that shows how to load animated model on Playground using Babylon.js and TypeScript: Plunker - Babylonjs Loader. TypeScript