Can we combine animation groups into one?

there are two animations in the scene:

  • one came from a GLB file on import (“hover” animation for example)
  • and the other is created with BJS (xSlide -1 to 1 on position.x for example)

the desired outcome:
=> export a GLB file containing both “animation groups” as one.

(I realize there’s a possibility to unload the animations inside the gltf animationgroup, but that doesn’t seem scalable)


By “unload”, what do you mean exactly?

I saw on other forum posts, that I can:

  • go inside the imported animationgroup
  • iterate on its animations and re-assign them to another animationgroup

my opinion is that that’s too much of a hassle, for a feature that is common enough to be bundled with the engine (would love to help out with a PR, just need some support from someone senior on the BJS codebase). Allowing animationgroups to be inserted inside other animationgroups would open a lot of cool possibilities.

(if there’s a solution I am not aware of, would really appreciate it :pray:)

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I see what you mean, thanks for clarifying! I think having this feature would be pretty nice (I’ll add @Deltakosh here on the discussion too as he might have an opinion too), and I’d be glad to help you get acquainted with the codebase so you can contribute :smiley:


awesome stuff! let’s wait for the Sith Lord @Deltakosh :stuck_out_tongue:

Following up on our discussion.
I just opened a feature request on Github, @carolhmj would appreciate your support when and “if” the feature is approved :pray: