Can't access Demos in awesome-babylonjs

Each demo URL has 404 error right now: GitHub - Symbitic/awesome-babylonjs: A curated list of awesome things related to Babylon.js

Maybe it wasn’t case sensitive before?
When I tried it, I was able to access it by changing it as shown below.

Incorrect: (This link might not work.)
Correct: (This link should work as intended.)

Yep we recently moved the website and some stuff seems to have broken, I believe the new CDN is case sensitive @RaananW ?
If it’s casing, I can submit a PR to this repo to fix it :slight_smile:

Yes this worked

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cc @RaananW to see if he can do the same magic as another demo last week :slight_smile:

in this case it is not so simply done because it’s not just the base directory that is wrong.

It is quite simple to fix though. if you see the link to the source - it contains the right case. i’ll submit a PR later today.