Cant get RTTs to appear on my postProcess?

I’m prolly doing something dumb… but if you go into the inspector and look the rtts are being created/updated correctly.

buuuuut for some reason they wont appear in my post process?

Line 212 is where they get bound and 207 should display the “lightObjects” rtt

I see some shader errors:

whoops Im dead… hahaha thanks. :frowning:

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Wait no it still does not work, yeah my bad. Can you take a look again. Its binding the wrong texture?

had to refresh.

I think my browser was doing something nutty.

@Deltakosh Ok, it is doing something weird for me. Its like sometimes the creation of the RTTs fail? And when it does it binds my noise texture instead of the lights/dark objects.

If you hit play a few times back to back to back does it do it for you as well?

image ^should always be^

and it for sure never displays the “darkObjects” RTT for some reason, it always fallbacks to the noise texture.

if I fire scene.render() once before binding my RTTs all is fixed.

I can not repro but I suspect an async shader compilation issue like one of them not being ready ?

Im thinking it was a timing thing with my client.

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