Can't hear any music

Hi There,

I searched the forum and didn’t see a replication of just not being able to hear anything; so, apologies if I somehow missed this.

This is the music (I made it, lol): <-- if you click that, it will play the wav file.

Here is the code I use to play it:

var music = new BABYLON.Sound("music", "", scene, soundReady, {loop: true });
         function soundReady() {

Anything look wrong with this ^ ? I even see the little “no sound” icon and I can click on it, but I don’t hear anything afterward.

Hi @saitogroup
It seems the Sound object doesn’t like your ?v= parameter,
removing it from the url then it works fine :slight_smile:
not sure why


arggggg what is the internet!!! lol thank you so much