Canvas automatically resizes itself

pb introcued by release 5.15.0

The canvas automatically downsizes itself until canvas view is not visible.
This is happening only on some browsers (eg chrome 69) in my case

Hey @Stephane_Ancelot,

The current version of the Chrome is 105.
Have you considered upgrading your browser?

@Stephane_Ancelot could you share a repro ? As I can not seem to be able to repro.

It is not possible to upgrade browser in the system in my case , as this would imply upgrading the whole operating system. Otherwise I would have done it.having a look att he changelog, may be this fix has introduced the problem in 5.15.0 ?
Automatically change hardware scaling based on browser zoom level by RaananW · Pull Request #12737 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (

This code is not browser specific so would behave the same on every version.

@Stephane_Ancelot we really would need a repro to help you on this one ?