Change pivot point and origin of a polyhedron

Hi everyone,

I want to change the pivot point of my polyhedron but i don’t know how to do that

Here’s my playground

I don’t know how to set the pivot point of my mesh in his corner.

Anyone could help me ?



You can use setPivotPoint to set it to whichever corner you want, like below (I also added a sphere at the pivot point and set the mesh rotating to visualize it). :slight_smile:

Another way is to change the order of the points in the array instead, like this:

PS: in your PG it said you wanted to change it to points[0], but that already is the pivot point, so I changed it to points[1] to show how you can change it to whichever corner you want. :slight_smile:

Sorry, my question was not totally well worded.

I need not only the pivot point but also the position of the final mesh. In the playground, it’s positionned on [0,0,0] and i’d like that the position would be the first point which is the exact position. I don’t understand why the axes of the mesh are in the origin.

I changed the formulation of the question…

Anyone ? :pray:

maybe @JohnK ?

Oops sorry I didn’t get any notifications for your replies… :sweat:

One approach is to subtract pts[0] from each point like below. For simplicity I used subtractInPlace in the existing for loop instead of changing the constants manually. :slight_smile:

EDIT: this is just to fix the points since the pivot point is already pts[0] as wanted.

@bvaisman glad you found a solution that works, this is an alternative.

An alternative method of applying a pivot point and setting the mesh position to the pivot point

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Ok, that works too.

I’m sorry but i have some problems with pivots and mesh positions. I don’t understand how it works everytime. For instance, in my example, i don’t know why the origin of the created mesh is [0,0,0] instead of the middle of the mesh like all the examples with polyhedrons in the playground.

I think it would be easier for a Babylon newbie to be able to simply define an origin point for a mesh instead of playing with matrices, translations and pivots.

May be an improvement in Babylon 6.0 @Deltakosh ??? :wink:

Thanks for all

Here is a changeOriginTo prototype function you can use in future.