Character Controller and Havok Collisions?

Hi all -
I’m trying to add havok collisions to an animated character, controlled by ssatguru’s character controller. The objective is to detect when the character runs into objects.

I’m failing pretty bad here:

Im thinking that the issue is more than it being a box or a capsule - in that there’s some concept I’m missing here to be able to both have the character stand upright and still move with collisions using physics engine??

thanks so much for any advice.

Currently you can use

javascript body.setMassProperties({ inertia: BABYLON.Vector3.Zero() })

to prevent the physical body from tipping over

As for movement, you can apply force to the character.

Thanks. The character is tipped over though even still, yea?
Screenshot 2023-07-01 at 7.24.30 AM

Is there a method to only use collisions from havok - and to ignore everything else about the physics world? Ie: to continue using character controller to navigate the character around the world? Or is this kind of character controller just not going to work - and i need to re-write it using physics forces to move the character instead?

For reference, here is the controller working without the physics attached:

Yep, this character controller is meant to work without physics, so you’d have to change how it works to use with Havok


Ah, suspected. Thanks for confirmation. Bummer.

I finally got this more worked out: