"Clipping cuboid" to remove rendererd output from an area?

Would it be possible to make a cuboid that clips anything within itself, sorta like it would be a “an imitation of csg difference”

I kinda like clipplanes, but the …exact opposite.

Yes, do a post process that gets passed the camera data and has a method to establish a a cubes bounding. do a raycast to establish if the point is inside your cube and if it is render out the scene data otherwise render the clear color.

Let me see if I can get you an example at some point. Im on my phone so it would be hard right now.

Update something like this, but just the part that establishes the 3d cube in space.

I grok this in parts, it will take me time to implement something like this, unfortunately … into the backlog it goes dammit

Thanks for your tip!! I’ll keep this bookmarked

If I get a second I’ll help you out, it’s pretty ty simple if I guy everything for you.