Clone mesh question

So I am cloning a mesh to 3 clones and I need to change the material of 1 clone of these 3 clones but I am having a problem where all the 3 clones are changing materials when i change 1 only is there is a solution for that?
I made a new material for the cloned mesh and put it equal to the old clone mesh material and i am just changing to albedocolor of it but the other 2 clones are changing the albedo color too

Do you have a playground I can take a look at? :slight_smile:

Are you sure you are using clones and not instances? Instances share the material from their master mesh and you can’t do otherwise. But clones can each have their own material if you set their .material property with different materials.

Maybe create a playground of what you are doing? Depending on how you set up the new material, you may be pointing to the same color object. Changing that color object will then change both materials.