Co-location VR In education - Best tech to enhance education

Hi Folks,

I’m new to Babylon.js and programming in general having a background in Mechanical engineering. I started a Virtual Reality arcade as a result of redundancy in lockdown… Long story but from this and my attempts at homeschooling my kids I’m now on a business accelerator and working with Robert Gordon University on a hardware concept to bring full body co-location VR into class rooms to enhance teaching by giving control back to the teacher in the VR environment as opposed to current VR education using standalone VR and the teacher just starts and stops the experience. No “teaching” and no collaborative learning. Obviously if you are remote you can do this on networked experience but kids are back in class now and so we want the teacher to still be able to teach but with all the benefits of a 3D virtual environment and the possibilities this could bring to a lesson with different 3D assets and animations.

And so my question is could anyone spare some time to advise me on how best to build this environment? Babylon.JS or other? Locally managed on a classroom server or over the cloud? From the hardware we will provide full body coordinates in 3D space for all pupils and teachers (Circa 30). Our hardware should bring full 6DOF multiplayer co-location performance to a google cardboard type device reducing costs for the schools. Can operate over wifi6e or possibly 5g network cost dependent.

Anyone interested please reply here or at Really appreciate any comments feedback positive and negative (constructive!) I’m in Aberdeen, Scotland if anyone wants a coffee/beer!?
Thanks :slight_smile: