Calling all High School Teachers!

Hello everyone! Very new computer science teacher here looking to shake things up a bit for my courses and offer opportunities for students to create interactive media using babylon.js. I have not delved into tutorials or documentation yet, but something I plan on doing this summer. Are there any high school educators out there teaching this 3D engine? Any tips, syllabus, or tutorials you can share? Looking forward to connecting!


This is an amazing topic and I remember there are a few teachers in the community and I hope to see a great discussion here :slight_smile:

@PirateJC I bet you ll love this thread


Hey @mrawhite!

First and foremost, as we like to say around here, welcome to the Babylon family!

It’s sincerely fantastic to have you here!

Teaching Babylon is a HUGE passion around here.

You can check out some amazing videos from @Deltakosh, @PatrickRyan and many others around here on the Babylon Youtube channel. Lots of good stuff on there.

There’s also some good course type material in the docs here:

Also @drburton is using Babylon to teach CS if I recall correctly, so he would also be a great contact to connect with and learn from.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help! Super pumped for what you’re embarking on!


Hello and welcome to the community! You’re definitely in the right place to talk about teaching Babylon and 3D graphics, this is a very passionate team and community :joy:

I haven’t done a Babylon course yet, but I’ve taught a Unity and a Three.js course, so if you wanna discuss anything just let me know!


@mrawhite : Welcome to the Babylon Forum. It is a very helpful place.

Now I’m not a very good coder but remember that game creation in big studios involves more than just coders - also includes 3d modellers, graphic artists, animators, music talent, story creators.

If I have one thing to recommend to you, make sure that your students understand it is a team effort. And there is lots of free software - Blender (for modelling and animation), GIMP for graphic artists and Audacity (for sound and music) - along of course with Babylon.Js for building the games.

Welcome again, and stay safe, gryff :slight_smile:


@mrawhite : I see that @PirateJC mentioned videos by “many others around here”. I would add @PirateJC himself. His “The Tech Artist’s Journey” is just the latest in his fascinating videos that shows the integration of coding and 3D modelling.

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile:


Thank you @gryff @carolhmj @PirateJC @sebavan for all your suggestions! I’m not quite ready for the big time yet, so much to learn. It would be great to get a better grasp at some point and then create some modules or units on babylon.js for other high school CS teachers to use. Some day! Thanks for all the suggestions, I have much to learn!