Tutoring in Babylonjs/WebXR <-- VR

Hi There,

I’m really curious if anyone would be open to tutoring me consistently in babylonjsVR (<-- webXR). I actually am doing “OK” at this currently. I’ve been able to build a large scale multiplayer VR world (feel free to check it out here, first couple of posts: https://www.instagram.com/delta.ark/). I think I need, maybe, “intermediate” level help, and I’d be happy to negotiate a rate that makes both of us feel good.

I think what I’d like concrete help with is the following: (1.) really learning the controller inside and out (and eventually moving into the hands, grasping and gripping things), (2.) do you know glsl? do you think you could help me get started in the node graph shader editor?, do you know how to make shit look cool? (like light coming through stained glass in a cathedral cool), (3.) animation… never really done this before, would be interesting to at least get OK in this (not rotates and transforms, but animation at the intermediate level).


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