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Sunrise in heaven

the sun is NOT made with the god’s ray!

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Simple mesh pixelifer with the modulo function

if you play around with the delta you’ll get strange pixelations of the sphere :slight_smile:
let delta = diameter*0.4;

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A maze world with flat skyscrapers on a rotating ico sphere with a mystic dust in the air.

dark city

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CAD Basic Code

A line can be described with two points.
A plane can be described with two lines.
A box can be described with two planes.
A roof can be described from a plane’s middle point with a given height.

Every step is build up with triangles in a custom mesh.



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How to make a hole into a plane:

  • define two lines to create a plane 1
  • define two lines to create a plane 2 which is a hole and lies in plane 1
  • draw the facets

each object is now extended from the class Mesh which creates a custom mesh and now it can be rotated and positioned as one object.


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me and you

my inner self - hologram

Simulating a not optimized holographic projection with

tempVector3.z += 20;
let dir = tempVector3.subtract(particle.position).normalize().scale(0.75);

Exchange these lines if you like a smoother movement

particle.position.x = tempVector3.x;
particle.position.y = tempVector3.y;
particle.position.z = tempVector3.z;

Version 2: Materialisation
demo 2

Version 3: Solid fight robot (slow motion - hero walk! :))
demo 3

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So many beautiful boards in this thread…

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Would you mind if I did a gallery with these boards and others?

Feel free to do that. :slight_smile:

On the Examples from Playground thread, you’ll find more exciting examples.

Unfortunately, I can not post as many posts I can of restriction reasons. This one I found recently and it’s so cute :slight_smile:

Ripple Effect | Babylon.js Playground (

I published for you my trello board again. Create an account and copy the hole board if you like, I will set it private again in the next days.


Very cool
I’ve created an initial gallery in GDI:

I’ve also created a new repo:

Which given a datasets of babylon playground:

    "id": "2DA8L6#17",
    "title": "Ripple",
    "author": "CodingCrusader",
    "imageUrl": "",
    "url": ""

Iterates through them and creates a thumbnail for each via playwright.

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I copied the trello board and will add the playgrounds from it tomorrow + add the other playgrounds here in the thread.

Super! :slight_smile: Your project has a great value potential for BB devs.

Some nice to haves:

  • let ChatGPT create a short description of the source code in max. 3 sentences and let it do the tags to be able to sort it by categories.

  • author is in my opinion not important. My work is built on the work of giants. So I am just a slight shadow.

Keep on going. I look forward to seeing your work growing.

PS: There is a Chrome Extension to Export the Trello Board as CSV!

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That’s a very good challenge for ChatGPT.
I’m curious to see how it handles it. I will give it a try.

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Like in origami abstract art


I am using this modul with 8 points to create the facettes of a house


Origami House

Since I am using instances I just have to change the geometry of the first base house to change all geometry of all instances.

After some modifications I created a generative city with lights and shadows with a white and dark site

I am going to use this for my first homepage, presenting all the best demos I made with babylon.js. I will hang up some illuminated advertising posters on some houses that you can click on.