Weekly Video: Introducing the Mystery Demo Tutorial Series

Hey Everybody!

I’m beyond excited today, to kick off an epic 9-part video series that we’re calling “The Mystery Demo” tutorial series. For the next 9 videos, I’m going to take you on a (hopefully) fun and informative journey as we dive in deep, going step by step, to create an eye catching demo with Babylon.js. Here’s the catch though…I’m not going to tell you what we’re creating! You’ll find out after we’re done! Haha. Buckle up…it’s going to be a fun ride!

Let’s kick it off with Part 1!


My guess: 3d pizza.



I think… due to the wavey water wandering… we’re making a nice Santa Barbara-grade backyard swimming pool with physics-active diving board. And the best part… it’s full of naked Hollywood girls… with working physics and (lightly-) weighted vertices (with water buoyancy settings) on all “padded parts”. POOL PARTY! :slight_smile:

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mmh my guess: a sea + a boat, with user interaction?

About the content, nice & efficient tut, maybe starting with maths could frigthen people, but it’s well explained.

We miss a point at the end of the video, even if it’s obvious: tell people (how) to save their work! It’s very important so as to follow all the series without loothing everything. Plus in the video description a link with your final shader.

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Yes great point. I don’t mention how to save work that’s a great callout!

In the next video we pick up right where we left off, including a link to the nme session from the first video…that said, it’s a good idea to include it in the description. Good call!

Part 2 is here! Diving deeper down the rabbit hole! Hope you enjoy!


Ready to continue unraveling the mystery? Check out Part 3:

Follow along with these links:

Picking Up Where We Left Off From Part 2:

Nvidia’s GPU Gems Article:

Checkerboard texture:

Step Node Switches Video:


These videos are GOLD. Changing guess from pizza to potato chips.



(Created at end of part2 - before part 3.)

We got Gerstner! Yay! (also known as a ‘trochoidal wave’, apparently). I saw some in my cup of cocoa the other day - didn’t even know what I was looking-at. :slight_smile:

Thx JcP… nice work. Happy Gerstner Day!

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