Collider cast instead of simple raycast

Hi! I’m currently facing an issue for my game.

I need to preview the trajectory of my mesh (sphere) and check if it will collide with another object. I can’t use a simple raycast to check because, as the name suggest, it’s a simple ray.

For example, a ray won’t hit an object but a ray with the shape of a sphere will, due to its attributes(width, height, shape).

Unless I’m wrong, I don’t find any cast object in the library (cubeCast,SphereCast, etc) like Unity and Unreal. I can only find the simple ray.

Am I missing it or is there a way to counter my issue?


cc @Cedric in case it’s something we already have or which would be planned for Physics v2.

It’s not something planned for the release but I can start looking at what is possible.